Class of 2020 – Graduation Car Parade

June 13 – Senior Class Graduation Car Parade 11:00 AM -12:30 PM


We will be celebrating the class of 2020 with a car parade on Saturday (6/13) in the SMC parking lot. Graduates are asked to drive through the loop in front of the SMC and pick up their gift packages. Others are welcome to come and cheer on our brothers and sisters (PPE required – masks and social distancing) as we celebrate their transition from youth to college and beyond.


1. Students make sure to dress to impress! We will have a photo booth ready for you guys. 

2. Wearing your cap and gown is optional.

3. Follow social distancing orders. Maintain a minimum of at least six feet of social distance from one another.

4. Please wear your mask.

Driver/ Parents

1. Location of the parade will around the SMC roundabout. Please follow the signage and directions. 

2. Be courteous of other drivers. 

3. Please help our students maintain the social distancing orders. 


Will the bathrooms be open?

Yes, but we will allow one person at a time.

Can my student take pictures with other students? 

Yes, but with six-feet distance from each others. Students can be creative with their pictures.

What happens if my student can’t make it?

You can schedule a pick-up with us at church.

We love you Class of 2020!