Friday Night Online: HOW TO

Friday Night Online Small Group: HOW-TO

  1. Join your small group class online via Zoom, Instagram, Google Hangout at 8 PM
  2. Begin with praise/lesson intro. (Grove Youtube)
  3. Download the lesson handout for the week (link below)
  4. Watch and discuss the lesson of the week in your groups
  5. Share and close with a time of prayer

Grove Small Groups Online **For security purposes, please text P. David at 443.986.2832 with name, grade, and date of birth for verification, to acquire the PW.


Now, to make our online session most enjoyable, we ask that all participants agree to adhere to the following guidelines/rules:

  • Stay on topic
  • Allow each person to share and not for one person to dominate
  • No side chatting (honor code – be engaged and participate)
  • Have your Video ON, for accountability (Show those beautiful faces!)
  • Be respectful of others
  • Be patient
  • Be mindful that this is an online classroom and so share as much as you are comfortable, but refrain from confidential sharing